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Composted dark bark mulch

Composted dark bark mulch

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1.5 yards of fine composted dark mulch. Perfect for pathways, garden beds, or to spruce up around the yard.

DARK COMPOST BARK MULCHA composted blend of fir and hemlock with a rich, peat-like texture, great for topping & mulching flower beds or for mixing into gardens. Screened to a 1” minus size, our dark bark has a rich, dark, peat-like appearance in landscape beds. This mulch adds organic matter and contains compost that enriches garden beds and adds nutrients while suppressing weeds and retaining moisture content so that you can water less through the summer months. We recommend raking mulch regularly to maintain the ‘dark’ look. Ultimately, Dark Bark Mulch is the best choice for landscape beds and gardens which need added nutrition and moisture retention.


Each order comes in a re-usable bulk bag with a closable top to keep the elements out.


Delivery and taxes are included.

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