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Premium Blend Garden Soil

Premium Blend Garden Soil

1.5 yards of Premium Blend garden soil. A mix of peat, soil, sand, compost, and alder. The best-performing soil we offer. Loved by all plants big or small!

The mixture is great for water retention, while the compost and fine mulch enrich the soil to sustain better, healthier, more vigorous plant growth. Also, The capacity for water retention while allowing for soil aeration and drainage makes the workability of the soil superior to regular topsoil. Our highest-quality soil blend has the extra nutrients you require for successful gardens, flower beds, and veggies.


This is the go-to soil for gardeners of any sort. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned veteran this is the blend for you.


Each order comes in a re-usable bulk bag with a closable top to keep the elements out.


Delivery and taxes included.

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